News Update…


My husband has agreed to critique my writing. He will be adding his comments, using stickers and stars and has been instructed to write A++ on all my posts he reads. what a good an wonderful husband. I let him know that I will be sending my writing to my Aunt Francis from here on out for her thoughts on them. She was my writing mentor as a teen-ager. She is a really great lady that really believed in me. I look forward to sending my installments off to her and getting her input.
When I was a kid, she said she would interview me when I got my PHd. Maybe I can talk her into interviewing me when my first book comes out.
My next installment will be entitled “Pain and Mutilation for Beauty and Toddler’s In Terra’s”. Look for that over the next couple of days.
Any other activities I was doing trying to make money online are done… tired of being jerked around and need to focus on my writing. I still have my non-profit. United in Truth and Love which I have a website for, a blog and a fan page. Please visit those is you like. The book I am writing will have partial posts on my Homeless In Middle America Blog.


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